What is this?

Coolfixer is an App and a software, that allows companies in the industry to improve and optimize their daily operative. It has two parts, one for the user (app) and other for the service company (software).
This makes the operation of a company of the sector to automate, optimize and simplify their daily activity, generating more profits for the company and reducing costs.

What is this for?

The App allows the user to request service, to monitor the process from when the service call is created until the service is finished; see repairing records in order to determine when it’s necessary to change an equipment; receive and pay bills; communicate with the service company, … All of this without making phone calls and in an easier way through their Smartphone.

How does it work?

Dap-Coolfixer-Apple Android

The user only has to download the App and install it on their Smartphone. The App is compatible with iOS and Android.

Dap-Coolfixer-Installation Training

The service company installs the software, do the training and they are ready to use the program.


We offer an assistance service for the user in order to support them in every moment.

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