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Dap Hvac

This is our HVAC/R division. Here we take care of the facilities and equipment for our clients, making sure that they are in compliance with the manufacture requirements. We do installations, repairs and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, ice machines and air conditioning. Our specialty is Multi Split VRF systems.

We are specialized in the restauration industry, but thanks to our experience of 15 years we can manage any kind of project, regardless of the size and scope.

We believe technology is what make us different from our competition, that's why we created the CoolFixer App. We are the first company in our industry to develop and use an App which our clients can use to request for service without making a phone call by simply using their smartphone.

We are certified by the main manufacturer's in refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, ice machine and cold room to service their warranty repairs.


Quality Guarantee

We are a CFESA certified company

Certificates to perform warranty repairs with:

Dap-Divisions-Hvac-Mitsubishi electric
Dap-Divisions-Hvac-Scotsman Ice Systems
and much more...

Dap Commerce

This division handles the sales of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment. We count with a wide network of sales personel who cover all the East Coast.


Dap Energy

Here we specialize in engineering and energetic savings. Through the automatization of the installations we can get an energetic saving for our clients, which means an economic saving.

This division is the creator of Watt?, a combo of software and hardware that controls every element and equipment in a restaurant. Optimizing the using and maximazing the energetic saving which is translated in a money saving for our clients.


Dap Technology

This is our R&D division. We develop high-technology products in order to optimize HVAC/R industry operation.

In this division, we created CoolFixer, the App that is revolutionizing the industry by offering restaurant owners a tool facilitating the services and maintenances of their HVAC/R equipment and ice machines. All of this through their Smarthphone, without hassles.


Dap Learning

In this division, we train future technicians either to work at DAP HVAC or at any other company in the industry.

We have our own teaching center where our students receive the necessary formation to install, repair and maintain HVAC/R equipment and ice machines. Our main focus is the hands on approach. This helps our students once they finish the program, to do their work without any limitation.

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