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We are a group inside the HVAC industry. We are experts in VRV/VRF systems, as well as complex systems for industry, IoT, factory, residential, and hospitality, where we can add big value to new technologies’ adoption and high-end improvements.


We work in three axis to cover the specific needs of the industry and to offer effective solutions to our clients, making their day by day easier and more efficient.

Smart Building Methodology. State-of-the-art software solutions to improve the accuracy, efficiency and all partners coordination. BIM, Navisworks, CAD Design and Project Management tools are the key of essence.


Modern Equipment and Machinery. New technologies are landing the industry, adding opportunities and improvements to our lives.



Experienced Team. Our company is structured to offer the best experience to customers and stakeholders. Dedicated roles and profiles will guide through all procedures: Administrative, On-field, Construction Execution and QA and Safety. 





Quality guaranteed.

What we do?

We take care of the HVAC design improvements by applying the Smart Building with BIM technology. We supply and install all type of HVAC equipment, its commissioning, and Start-Up, making sure that installations are in compliance with all manufacturing requirements, regulation and users' satisfaction.


We have experience in areas such as  heavy industry, food industry, residential buildings, restaurants, hospitality and health & care.


WORKING FOR LEADERS Working for Global Leaders forced us to be one of the best partners you can hire. It also allowed us to work beside the best companies and teams. We are proud to be selected for such projects and take part in them. Modern corporations demand and apply modern technology all the time. DAP HVAC managers have always been at the forefront of technology.



These amazing projects require the best of each team. This is the perfect opportunity to explore and implement new systems and more efficient devices. Few companies have had the privilege to be part of worldwide recognized projects. DAP managers had and it represented itself an opportunity to learn and grow up beside the leaders. 

  Our value for your project:

ü Work and Tasks are Scheduled upon your needs
ü Cooperation and team players
ü Accurate quotations and engineering
ü Plans and Diagrams processing
ü Specialists on site, integrated work team
ü Inspections, Audits and Surveys at any time
ü System Installation and Commissioning
ü Always on time
ü Optimal System Set Up. Balancing
ü On start up Running Tests
ü Machinery official registration for warranty
ü Insurances and wide Compliance
ü Safety First

How we do it?

New Technology. A combination of fancy technology plus efficiency is today a requirement. Comfort living and saving energy costs is a must for builders and future users. Thus, DAP HVAC will audit and survey all project’s schedule prior to submit a proposal, pursuing the best-in class fitting HVAC system.

When Lead Time is a key. A residential project usually involves a great variety of stakeholders, such financials, investors, builders, owners and new proprietors. All of them have a time limited goal: get the property ready as scheduled. DAP HVAC is accustomed to work under this strict task calendar and being a natural and positive team player.

All costs included. Our projects and bids have no hidden costs. Of course, change orders can happen, but we analyze and study deeply every project to prevent any missing piece, regulation or so. Our expert bidders and project managers have wide expertise to discover and bring to light any detail which could affect cost schedule, regulation or lead time. DAP HVAC workers will be part of your extended team.

DAP is 21st Century company. Innovation is important for us, that's why we make a huge investment in R&D to create products and solutions that put us in the vanguard of our industry, this sets us a part from our competitors.

Our main feature is that we can adapt to our clients needs. All of our divisions complement and support each other, we create products and services catered to our clients. This makes us to grow organically.

We have discovered a new era, which is dominated by IoT, human to machine and machine to machine procedures.

Our Team

Meet Us

Each member is fully dedicated to its expertise area. We all work hand in hand with your team and other’s subcontractor to drive the project to success.

There is a hard path prior to installation work on site. Project analysis, customer requirements, technology to use, bidding information… When DAP HVAC is proud to be awarded by the customer, we trigger a bunch of processes to execute the job. Schedule and detailed take off, team and resources assigning, project manager, on site manager, safety manager….And when everything is ready our purchase department will do the best to achieve facts & figures and deadline.

It is a coordinated job between all project members. But during the execution, our management staff will follow up bi-weekly each project. Because we are happy when everything in under control. We measure time and cost deviations bi-weekly.

Management & Executive Staff.

Managing Director
President of Management Board

Daniel Perez.

Senior role with 20 years of experience at HVAC.
Dani has worked for mass corporations such Inditex (Zara owner) managing projects and retail installations worldwide.

Dani will take care of projects and technology from an executive role.

Co-founder. COO & Customer Care Manager. Member of Management Board.

Ana Haynes.

She knows you, your goals and your business. At any time, reachable for you and the team. 

Ana is the one close to your Project Manager, Estimators and all requested by your team, Legal and Safety reqs.

Co-founder. CFO.
Member of Management Board.

Rocio Varela.

She is in charge of books and figures.

Also is responsible for taxing, certificates and any admin req.

Member of Management Board.

Pablo F. Dominguez.

BA/BS Software Engineer. Master’s in business administration and International Trading. 25 years being part of management boards and high executive profiles.

He is beside Ana Haynes and also supervising projects performance and QA.

Project Manager

Jhon Rendon.

Manage the team,

maintain friendly relations with the client, build a realistic project plan, deliver results on time, schedule tasks and delegate tasks.

Project Manager

Kira L. Sudol.

Track project progress and development, along with the performance and efficiency of your team members.

Assistent Project Manager

Patricja Laskowska.

On site coordination and management reporting.

Patricja is the link between the reality and the project.

Purchasing Manager.

Jesús Fernandez.

Having all materials, resources and people on time is a mess, but Jhon will make it possible.


Magic? No! schedule and plans!!

Office Manager.

Mariana Livcha.

Experience and criteria.

Manages financial transactions for DAP HVAC. Performs analysis & reporting for the company and bookkeeping.


Tom Zatonski.

Precision and requirements matching.

He works at CTO’s team, being the one in charge of translating plans and diagrams to facts and figures.


Gustavo Vera.

Precision and requirements matching.

He works at CTO’s team, being the one in charge of translating plans and diagrams to facts and figures.

The Troop.

They are the artisans, the experts on site.
Our hands, knowledge & courage.

The Troop.

HVAC Expert Service Technicians - Foremans & Supervisors - Tink Knockers - Mechanicals - Helpers - BackOffice Support.

Warranty Services, Certifications & Approvals