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Full service circle

DAP Divisions

We are a group of professionals inside the HVAC world specialized in the retail and restauration industry and residential building, as well as wide and complex systems. We have created 3 divisions to cover the specific needs of the industry and to offer effective solutions to our clients, making their day by day easier and more efficient.

All our divisions complement and support each other, we create products and services catered to our clients. This makes us to grow organically. This is also possible thanks to the constant investment in R&D making us stand from the competition.



This is our main HVAC division. Here we take care of the facilities and equipment for our clients, making sure that they are in compliance with the manufacturers’ and customers’ requirements. We understand your business and will take care of.

We do small, mid and big installations, on demand repairs and scheduled maintenance, of air conditioning machines. Our specialty is Multi Split VRF systems and complex systems.

VRV stands for "Variable Refrigerant Volume," while VRF stands for "Variable Refrigerant Flow". VRV is term copyrighted by Daikin, one of the industry leaders in HVAC equipment and technology. VRV technology provides you with those clear benefits.

✓ Highly energy efficient.
✓ Precise temperature control.
✓ Simultaneous heating & cooling.
Heat recovery.




This division handles the sales of industrial and commercial air conditioning equipment. We count with a wide network of sales personnel who cover all the East Coast.

Change the way we manage business is a must today. Saving Energy and high efficiency systems are required 

Discover the technologies to drive decarbonization in the industries. New technologies are arriving, systems and methods. Not only it will help your management, it will help also our planet and community.

Our staff will keep you informed and will drive thru the process if you are interested in.



IIn this division, we train future technicians either to work at DAP HVAC or at any other company in the industry.

We have our own teaching online center where our students receive the necessary formation to install, repair and maintain HVAC equipment. Our main focus is the hands-on approach. This helps our students once they finish the program, to do their work without any limitation. 

We have developed a complete e-learning platform, which can be adopted by your organization in a simple way. Easy going setup and students focused. DAP Learning is a common platform where students, teachers, companies and resources come together. You can upload your own training courses, certifications courses, tech updating sessions and so on. Make DAP Learning platform becomes your e-learning platform.

We have understood that a full service is something beyond giving out an operational machine.

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We will take time to understand you, your needs, and your customers, thus we will be able to provide a perfect global service. Our talented and skilled people will guide you through the process.