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When excellence is a must

HVAC Design

Commercial buildings are the source of 40% of energy usage in US. Integrated HVAC works with facility and property managers and owners to make your buildings more energy efficient, lower your operating costs, and help your tenants breathe easier, literally.

We go beyond how products are supposed to perform and work with you to ensure your building energy systems actually do perform. We think of it as comfort engineering. You have found the right partner.

We consider that best systems design for your building and then select appropiate equipment. Our approach can save you time and money and shorten the distance form idea to succesfull installation and comfort.

Because cost control is key and the Planet will thank you!

An Integrated Approach
We understand whole building design and performance issues, systems gaps and solutions. Our service and high-performance point of view can add you great value when designing your HVAC system with engineering, architects, and builders. Enroll the team from the beginning can save time, money and future maintenance costs.

We consider end-to-end building-management systems, HVAC mechanical solutions, and renewable and sustainable remedies to optimize your available resources. Because saving is a must. Reasonable systems and deep analyzed plans can make your HVAC more useful, durable, and cleaner.

Experience you can trust
We know how to listen, to you and your building, customers or tenants.

Experience you can trust. We know how to listen, to you and your building.

When exellence is a must

HVAC Installation

Our main training field has been 20 years at Service dedication. Therefore, we know how to write the story counterclockwise. We can improve any installation and project because we know where, when, why and what can fail in the future.

Our installation and service team is experienced with commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and building automation systems, as well as green building systems like geothermal pumps, solar PV and solar thermal. Behind them there is a complete management time, taking care of productivity, lead times and deadline, because time is a treasure, it is your treasure.

Many directives are suggesting that by 2030, buildings in the US will be required to have zero carbon footprint; 85% of the buildings that will be here in 2030 are already built - including yours. At Integrated HVAC, we address chronic energy issues facing existing buildings and retrofit them with long-term energy goals in mind.

We have also developed solutions for air filtration, zoning, ductwork, exhaust systems, and energy recapture. Our team will help you identify, design and implement sustainable solutions to meet the needs of your building and its occupants.

Our highly skilled project managers ensure high satisfaction through careful management of project goals and metrics.

When exellence is a must

HVAC Service

Your HVAC machines are working almost 24/7, which can also randomly get exhausted. If it happens your business can be seriously affected. Perishable food, emerging damage and lost profits are suddenly invited.

Preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your heating and cooling equipment and enables it to perform at its highest level. It also prevents unnecessary, disruptive and potentially expensive outages. We will inspect and monitor your buildings heating-and-cooling system to ensure that its design is efficient.

Despite our service colors are Blue, Red and White, Preventative Maintenance Programs are Green.

Because your business must keep producing, our task is to make it shine and bright.

Maintenance Programs

We introduce a full range of services:

✓ Maintenance Programs. Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond.
✓ Emergency Technical Service.
✓ Inspections, Audits and Surveys.
✓ System Installation and Commissioning.
✓ Optimal System Set Up. Balancing.
✓ CoolFixer APP and Tech Platform.
✓ Sanitizing Products for HVAC systems

Tell us your core business.

Related to:

- HVAC Systems (VRV, VRF…)
- Ventilation Systems.
- Air Curtains.
- Virus Protection and Sanitizing Equipment.

Type of business:

✓ Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Food Stores.
✓ Boutiques and Retailers.
✓ Hotels and Hospitality.
✓ Institutions (Schools & Public buildings).
✓ Hospitals, Health Centers.
✓ Shopping Centers, MALLS & Cinemas.
✓ Real Estate & Poroperty Managers.
And much more...



Our Sapphire Service Program has two main axis and goals:

✓ Regular inspections and surveys, adjustments, wearing parts replacement and Deep Cleaning will drastically drop down a breakdown probability.

✓ Grant an expert technical service including same day repair.

An expert technical service including same day repair. As a result, Sapphire will cut your operational and variable production costs.

Pay an annual fee, which will cover main maintenance costs. Drive variable cost to fix.

That’s why we say
faults are predictable.



If desire or need to take the service to the next level, Ruby can be your best solution. Especially designed for multi-location premises and restaurants.

Main features are:

✓ Extended warranty terms, up to 120 days.
✓ Same day repair.
✓ Bimonthly inspections and surveys.
✓ Wearing Parts replacement.
Steam Deep Cleaning: 2 per year each machine is deeply serviced by steam technology.

Sustainable Extended Service. Rubi doesn't just look after your business and costs, it is greenly. Steam cleaning is the most green and sustainable cleaning method.

Looks Red
but it is green.



The Diamond Service Program has ever seen before. If your organisation demands 100% fixed service costs and matching your forecast, this is the perfect solution.

You no longer have to worry about managing your HVAC, Ice or Vent machines.

Diamond includes all you may need. It is tailored designed for your business and premises. We start with an in deep audit to gather all systems data.

Every month and in the event of any issue, DAP will take care of everything. 4 hours granted service.

Ask us and get more
than anyone else.

Service Plans

Service Plans
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